Friday, February 19, 2010

sweetheart dinner party p.1

J and I hosted a valentine's shindig over last weekend, and since I have so many photos from it I'll begin with the inspiration...

Since most of our friends are married couples we decided to host a valentines party - but not your average one, we wanted it to be fun and not devoted to the "typical" valentines where you HAVE to get a reservation at some uber fancy restaurant and spend a ton of money just for one night... instead we thought we'd host a casual dinner and then head out to go bowling as a group {what's better than a little healthy guys vs. girls competition?} Events that create memories for us to cherish are far more important to J and I than going out to a fancy dinner, so that's why we came up with this event for our close friends, I guess you could think of it as our Valentine to our friends.

A few weeks ago, when I really started planning the details I stumbled upon this photo from the 
Tom Kat Studio blog and I just loved the hearts on the lanterns in the photo... that was mental note #1. 

Next I was on the One Charming Party blog and spotted these cute photos from her past valentines event - loved the doily swag... mental note #2.

Then when creating our evite I thought, why not throw together two color combos I've always loved - aqua & red and aqua & pinky-coral... so I put together this little pdf to help theme the evite and our night.

And that folks is how this happened....

To be continued...

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