Friday, July 8, 2011

{thursday + thankful} vacations and relaxation

{PS. i'll have you know that i posted this at 12:02am... man i missed "thursday" by 3 minutes, maybe next week i'll get this written in time!}

today, july 7th, i'm very thankful for:
while these two words may see a little frivilous, but to a self employed individual the are not, they are actually two things that are very hard to come by... any other self employed folks who agree that when you decide to create a business to call your own that you find yourself caring and working so much harder than you ever did for a J.O.B.?  i believe because we are so focused on building something of our own that we pour 110% of ourselves into our little businesses... and that's not even counting the other areas of life for us multitasking ladies... you might be married {so there's a hubster and a relationship that needs your daily attention}, you might be a mom {with little ones who need attention in addition to your hubs}, and then there's your household {which i think we all know is no easy task to keep up from one day to the next}.... the list could go on to list a day job, pets, carpool, etc, etc, etc...

needless to say after rambling off that list of life's areas where you commit yourself, your energy and attention... it's hard to imagine anything else sometimes!  no matter where you find yourself i think we can all agree that vacations + relaxation are essential from time to time! everyone needs to take some time for themselves to sit still and recharge the batteries.  for some reason when i think about vacay + relaxation i'm always reminded of the verse in Pslams that says "Be still and know that I am God..." and in a place like Jackson how can you not to that?

and.... for me vacation and relaxation is one week away! hooray!!! this time next week i will be en route to my husband's family's place in Jackson Hole, Wy... if you've never been, you must! it is amazing there and so different from the hustle and bustle of southing california, and that my friends is a wonderful thought right about now.  Jackson is such a special place, since my hubby grew up visiting there every summer of his childhood, and then when we began dating i too fell in love with it.  then in summer of 2007 my family and his were there when he asked me to marry him in that special place... and sadly i've only made it back once since 2007, since summers have been getting busier with weddings and events, so i'm beyond excited to get there and do a little relaxing.

here's the view from where we stay/where my hubs + i got engaged...

photo shot by my BIL, he takes pretty sweet photos!

yeah, i know... it's a rough view =) i'm so thankful to be visiting again this year, i can't wait!

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